Commercial-quality products at an economical price

Sold by big box stores

Did you know there are product lines in computers? That most retailers offer three or four different product lines? Not all users have the same budget or the same needs! For these reasons, the market is segmented to offer each customer a product that meets that person’s criteria.

Here are the three main product lines:


Commercial computers are the top of the line. These are intended above all for large companies that use their computers around the clock and must have totally reliable computers regardless of the circumstances. However, these machines are very expensive, usually four times the cost of a consumer computer. That is why normally only large corporations can afford these products.

  • 2. OFFICE

Office line products are intended primarily for professionals and SMEs. These are intermediate-level products sold mainly in specialized computer stores.


Consumer products are affordably priced and sold mainly in large chains such as WalMart, BestBuy and Bureau en gros. Consumer computers’ main feature is an excellent price but the quality suffers, resulting in shorter service life and poor performance. Unfortunately, consumers’ limited budgets often force them to choose this option even though they would like better performance or durability.

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  • 1. Limited one-year warranty on parts and labour for all computers. 60 day battery warranty

  • 2. Unmatched performance and durability

  • 3. Savings of 60% or more on the purchase price

  • 4. Environmentally friendly purchase option

Robotnik offers its customers only commercial-line products!

This ensures the quality and performance of our products and thus our customers’ satisfaction. Robotnik sources its components and computers primarily from large Canadian and American companies. Many major corporations also opt to lease their computers. Robotnik therefore has agreements with leasing firms to recover this hardware at the end of the lease. Since commercial leasing terms for computers are 24 to 36 months, the hardware recovered by Robotnik is recent and in very good condition.


Robotnik specializes in refurbishing commercial computers. We take great pride in our unique processes and very strict quality control. We are recognized by Microsoft for full refurbishing of computer equipment. All our computers are rated GRADE A or higher, which means their appearance is described as “almost new” or “like new.”

Here is how the process works:


Robotnik conducts more than 400 computerized and mechanical tests on all the components of each computer. If a part is defective or worn out, it is removed and replaced.


Once a computer has passed all the tests, we install a new Windows license and perform updates and start-up routines. At the end of this stage, the computer is fully ready for use by its future owner.


A technician cleans the computer from top to bottom and ensures that the appearance will satisfy even the most demanding customer.


Finally, after a last complete visual inspection, the computer is individually packaged with care. It is ready to provide top-notch service to its new owner.