Strategic Cloud Consulting


The hype around cloud services can make it difficult to know where to start or to understand the real benefits the cloud can truly deliver. Working with us to develop your cloud strategy helps senior leadership teams make sense of the cloud in the context of strategic decision making.

Determining the value of cloud computing to your organization and how to realize this value is at the heart of creating a good cloud strategy. Robotnik has worked with multiple clients around the world to create a cloud strategy and map the journey ahead. We can provide clarity on how you can start the process and become a cloud-enabled organization.
We bring a deep understanding of what is possible when legacy systems and cloud solutions coexist, and we have a clear vision of the digital future toward which this hybrid world is leading us. We combine those insights with our industry knowledge to drive innovation and transform complex environments into high performance ones.
Robotnik's Cloud Strategy solution includes a variety of tools and services, including:

    • A Cloud Strategy Methodology, which guides organizations in aligning cloud opportunities and business needs/goals.
    • A Cloud Opportunity Assessment Tool, which identifies cloud opportunities and business value.
    • Cloud Market Insights, which provide timely perspectives on the cloud marketplace.
    • A cross-industry Cloud Enterprise Architecture, which presents a potential “future state” application and infrastructure architecture.
    • A Cloud-Enabled IT Operating Model, which details functions, processes, governance practices, roles and organizational models in a cloud environment.