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By choosing to work with Robotnik you are not only choosing a company with a stamp of approval from over 100 Businesses in Nova Scotia and counting, but you are also choosing to support the local economy. Since inception in 1998, Robotnik has been a local business with stores in Halifax and Antigonish. As a local business, we strive to always provide first-rate service with unparalleled professionalism and reliability.


Computers Certified & Supported


Less Downtime

When you opt to take a preventative and proactive approach instead of a reactive approach to problems that may arise you can ensure that your systems are always running smoothly. By having systems running at 100% you can increase efficiency by eliminating computer related wait times. An investment in Robotnik is an investment in yourself!

Aways Stay Up

At Robotnik we offer guaranteed 3 hour or less response time on all emergency issues. On top of that we offer a full helpdesk with a ticketing system and the option for phone and remote support depending on your needs. We work hard to ensure that your dependence on the computer becomes an asset to your practice and not a liability.

Not Just Support

At Robotnik we aim to provide you with more than just IT support. We have worked hard to develop strategic partnerships with Lenovo and Apple. Allowing Robotnik to provide you with the optimal solution for your business all while doing it at the best price on the market. Let Robotnik be your one stop shop for all your IT needs and providing you with the best care.